Our company started its operations in 1999 in Elbistan Kahramanmaraş, which is the center of confectionery sunflower seeds in Turkey.

The understanding of quality of confectionery sunflower seeds in Turkey started with Aybaklar Company. For years, it has been combining its quality understanding with technology and maintaining its difference and leadership in the sector.

Since 2011, our company has been producing 25.000 decares of contracted popcorn annually.

Our company has a storage capacity of 20.000 tons with 2 production lines, 3 packaging lines and 17 silos in 23.000 m2 open area and 4.000 m2 closed area.

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When the products arrive at the plant, they are pre-screened and sifted, then stored in separate silos according to their type and quality; throughout the year, the customer is provided with the opportunity to provide products with the same criteria and quality.

Products that cannot be cleaned by machine are selected and separated as color and non-type products by sortex, and with a quality and safe manner the products are passed through metal detectors before packaging and presented to the customer. All of these operations are carried out untouched.

Today, Aybaklar Company offers 20,000 tons of  confectionery sunflower seeds and 25,000 tons of popcorn to all 81 provinces in the national market and to more than twenty countries in North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Europe and Asia.

Experience Coming from the past! Aybaklar Agricultural Products...

Our Vision

To be a reliable company in the agricultural sector, with the satisfaction of our farmers, customers and employees, sensitive to life and nature, respectful to universal values.

Our Mission

With our experience coming from the past, without giving up our quality products and principles, by maintaining our leading brand position in the sector in Turkey, carry this leadership to the global market and to be permanent.

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Our Values

Responsible Management


Trust, Honesty




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